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Beach Wedding Decorations – The Wonderful Experience

When it comes to getting married on a beautiful beach you are spoilt for choice. Beach wedding decorations come in many forms, but there is also the food to take into consideration as well when it comes to the wedding. The choice of course is totally up to the tastes of the bride and groom and what they would like to eat. But this is the most common food groups you would find at any luau. Another great choice is teryaki beef thinly sliced or chicken.

But say you are a big fan of doing the whole thing outdoors. That’s not a big problem. Imagine if you will this set up. Soft hanging lanterns draped towards the huge Tiki gods set out in front of the half moon rows of seats. Sea shells line the path for the bride while ferns line the chairs that are resting on brown fabric crumbled and glitter to make it look like soft golden sand.

Out door Receptions: Many people will tell you that if you are going with an beach theme outdoors it might seem cheesy or that it will look off. Here are a few tricks that you can do to make any outdoor setting look beautiful and accomplish the feeling of the beach. Imagine if you will this particular set up.

There are palm frawns strapped to decorate the bride and grooms chairs. Giving them the effect of being the king and queen they should be for their special day. There are several ways one can decorate for a beach feeling but none as easily to decorate than to have the wedding on the beach itself. With the sand and the sea stretching out for miles in either direction makes for perfect pictures.

Conch shells, and star fish line the walk way for the wedding parade as Brother Iz plays somewhere over the rainbow. The guest seat themselves in one of the chairs that are in a half moon around the three torches that are in the front of the rows of chairs. Tropical flowers such as birds of paradise, orchids, plumeria’s and kings vine wrap carefully around to make a circle in which the bride and groom step into to make their vows.

People tend to drink more and if alcohol is available it will be more likely they will get intoxicated easier. If it is a sunset wedding check for the tides. Time and time again the tide comes in unexpectedly and may wash out the reception. Not to mention the bugs that come out or the wind that can kick up and get into the food.

Although the beach is a beautiful there are some guidelines for keeping it fun and safe for everyone. A note on weddings in doors: Common sense tells us not to light fires indoors. If you are looking to use tiki torches for lighting there are some that are available as plug ins.

Sand can cause some to slip especially when intoxicated so try to keep the sand separate from such areas if that is what you are using to line the path for the bride. But no matter how you go when it comes to your wedding it is your day. And don’t forget to give the guests reminders of their big day either with shells that they can take home with a personalized message of the date or candles. The point for such occasions it to celebrate the union that you are now apart of. After all this was the easy part, now comes the marriage. One of the best wedding planners, learn more about Maui weddings.

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