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Features of PDF Converter

The computer technology has gained tremendous advancement and brought mammoth sized improvement in the society of humankind. Several types of tools have been used for making several work processes easier as well as simpler. Conversion of the electronic files from one format to another has become necessary and a prominent feature in institutes, commercial or non commercial organizations.

There are several file formats used for the purpose of preparing different types of documents. These file formats are Word document, PDF, Excel and Power Point. All these are the main applications used for preparing newsletters, contracts, legal files, agreements and many more. The PDF converter tools are the ones that are used for converting the files from one format to another. This article focuses on various features of the converter tools that are helpful in creating documents in different formats.

Useful Features of PDF converter tools:

A converter tool is a computer program that either runs with the Internet connection or without the Web connection. The former is called online tools and the latter one is called offline programs. You can convert a Word file format into PDF, Excel or Power Point. Some advanced tools enable you to even create PostScript out of any other computer application. Other computer programs enable a user to even password protect the files once they are converted. You can encrypt the files like PDF documents with the help of passwords. A good computer program is the one that does not hamper the original formatting of a document. Batch conversion is also possible in which a user can save time and effort by converting number of files from one format to another. Some tools also provide with the partial conversion feature which makes it feasible to select particular web pages for the purpose of conversion. You can also exercise multilingual conversion ability while using advanced computer tools. All these are useful and beneficial features of a converter tool for the purpose of file conversion.
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